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What is your story?

If I could be a time traveler and talk with my younger self, she would never believe what my older self was able to accomplish. 

My younger self was an undiagnosed ADD Dyslexic who struggled with the most basic of educational requirements. So, of course, off I went to art school, a challenging endeavor in its own right.


My deep rooted self-doubt struggle to find peace and confidence with my imagination and ambition made me feel incomplete.


I never felt like my whole self.


Would my younger self believe, that as a mature adult, I was able to attend graduate school? Graduating with an MSW and beginning my journey into my third or is this my fourth business? Yes, I have that ADD/ADHD entrepreneurial spirit too.


The field of ADD/ADHD and I were meant for each other. When working with my clients I can draw upon all my training and personal experiences.


I often wonder what life would have been like for me if I had found a kind, committed, supportive, passionate, coach? I would have understood my ADD/ADHD brain sooner and embrace my strengths.


I celebrate my hard won accomplishment in becoming my whole self.


Now…. I would like to hear from you.

What is your story? 

Who would you like to be? 

Are you living your whole-self life?

~ Deirdre Donchian, LCSW, ADHD Coach PCAC


Get the Most out of your Life

Have you ever wondered why you feel things are easier for other people and harder for you? Life in Action ADHD coaching specializes in supporting people with Executive Functions Challenges and ADD/ADHD, rooted in Neurodiversity. Your brain has great power, imagination and creativity; find out how to better access your talents and build your confidence. The great news is the brain can be retrained and can improve throughout your lifespan! Learn more....

A complementary session is a great way to

TEST THE WATERS without having to make
a commitment.


“Courage is resistance and mastery of fear,

 not absence of fear”

Working with Deirdre has been amazing because she is so multifaceted and comprehensive in her approach. Whether we are unpacking remnants of past trauma, navigating difficult situations/ relationships, or simply working towards a better version of me, Deirdre gently guides each session to a point where answers can become clear. Moreover, she does so with regular reminders of self compassion, something we all (especially myself) could very much benefit from. Outside our regular sessions, Deirdre works hard to be available to provide support throughout the week and is constantly creating/ improving on useful material that directly applies to my goals. Ultimately, working with Deirdre takes the pretentiousness out of traditional therapy and provides the tools to enact and track your goals, rather than just talking about them once a week. 12/10 would recommend!
                                                                    — Abby D.

I strongly believed I would never seek help from a Counselor due to experiences in my past. When I started having recurring triggers go off in my daily life to the point of feeling a loss of control and helplessness, I sought help but I didn't feel I could open up to anyone until I remembered Deirdre had given me a business card. She immediately gave me the feeling I could trust and open up to her. I felt a warm calmness from the first time we spoke. Deirdre helped me right away work through the muddled mess that I was carrying around with me from my past traumas. I didn't have to forget the events but I could use them to my advantage, without giving them control. I am mastering my ability to rationally think through things as they come up, not reacting and sabotaging myself, as I have in the past. I am so grateful! I feel like a better, stronger, more balanced person in both my professional and personal life!
                                                                      — Julie H.                                                                  


Deirdre Donchian 


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