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ADD/ADHD Coaching

For Adults, College Students & Older Teens

  Develop and strengthen your
      time management, planning, 
      prioritization and organization.

  Improve focus and memory

  Overcome procrastination.

  Complete your projects and

  Learn to better manage your

  Practice flexible thinking.

Individuals; adults, college students and older teens, who have been diagnosed ADD/ADHD or have symptoms or traits of ADD/ADHD can all benefit from the support, deepening 

self-awareness, and skill building that working with and ADHD Coach can bring to their lives.


Working with an ADHD coach empowers clients to manage their attention, hyperactivity; which can be physical, mental
or emotional - while working to improve and strengthen their executive functioning skills.


You are not broken! ADDers have great strengths: creative minds and skills, problem solving imaginations, big picture thinking to name a few. You might simply need a little help
and support.


Working with a trained ADHD Coach can help to Identify what you are good at and work with you to develop those strengths. This work can be the key to creating a fulfilling and satisfying life both personally and professionally.

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