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FAQs & Resources

   About individual ADHD Coaching.

What is ADHD Coaching?

Therapy Session

ADHD Coaching  supports and empowers clients to understand and manage their attention, hyperactivity (physical, mental or emotional) and impulsivity while strengthening their Executive Function skills*. Coaching may also incorporate support for school and workplace skills, such as working memory, time management, communication, prioritization, 
and accountability.

* See list of executive function further down the page

   About Group ADHD Coaching.

Why ADHD Group Coaching?

Group coaching is a way to gain support and insight into your ADD/ADHD while benefiting from the group and the ADHD Coach. Groups will be limited to between 4-6 participants and will run for six weeks. Group coaching starts in Spring  2021.

Group coaching can offer an introduction to ADHD coaching and also provide peer support within the group cohort.

   What are the differences between       coaching and therapy?

Together at the Top

Coaching is primarily motivational in nature while therapy is more analytical. Coaching is based on a client's personal passions and vision for the future and is primarily goal oriented.


Coaching's focus future facing while therapy often looks to
the past. By looking at the past, therapy clients can reach an understanding of their problematic behaviors, emotions and responses.


Coaching focuses on what the client wants by establishing goals. Coach and client partner together in order to support the client in reaching their goals. Coaching keeps the focus on the clients strengths and helps the client understand their ADD/ADHD in order to achieve their desires.

   Is medication helpful?


Medication can be helpful to manage symptoms of ADD/ADHD and related issues. When these symptoms
are better managed the client's ability to apply
what they are learning about themselves can be more
effective. With time and repetition new neural pathways are formed and habits are established.

With that said medication is not for everyone. Many people with ADD/ADHD have productive and rewarding lives with or without medication.

All medication should be reviewed by your prescribing Doctor every 3 to 6 months.


Medication alone cannot fix you. Learning to understand your ADD/ADHD and establishing  more effective behaviors and thought patterns takes time, support and practice.

   What are the Executive Functions?

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• Sustained Attention 

• Time Management 

• Organization

• Emotional Regulation 

• Planning Prioritizing and Organizing 

• Getting Started. (Knowing where and how to start)

• Self Motivation and Persistence 

• Working Memory

• Impulse Control

• Social and Relationship Skills

• Communication Skills

• Perspective Taking 

• Flexibility

   How do I know if I have

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The most reliable approach is to be assessed by a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a licensed mental health professional who is qualified to diagnosis.


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