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  Group Coaching Details

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a way to gain support and insight into your ADD/ADHD, while benefiting from the group and the ADHD Coach. Groups will be limited to between 4-6 participants and will run for six weeks. 

Group coaching can offer an introduction to ADHD coaching and also provide peer support within the group cohort.

The next group will start in Spring 2021 and will meet weekly for 90 minutes for six weeks. The time will be 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Eastern time. The day will be either Monday or Tuesday evenings depending on the consensus of the group members.

Please contact Deirdre here of you would like to join the group and for more information.


There will be a limit of six participants and the meeting will be virtual using Google Meets.

Email Deirdre here....

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