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Therapy Session


Available in MA / NH / ME


Deirdre Donchian 


   Addressing anxiety, 
       depression and low

   Work with individuals
       who have issues stemming               from a diagnosis or traits
       of ADD/ADHD and
       Executive Function

   Solution focused approach.

   High School to College

  Parenting and effective
      communication skills.

   Learn to better manage
       your emotions.

   Practice flexible thinking.

Life can have a way of tossing us around and undermining our sense of self and belonging. Life’s challenges can leave us feeling unmoored, uncertain, unhappy and unfulfilled often struggling to find our way again. Sometimes our need for support is clear, sometimes we cannot fully express what is wrong but we just don’t feel quite right. My goal is to create
an environment of trust and safety for my clients, working together to discover a deeper self-knowing and a place of personal empowerment.


I have clinical therapy licenses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine and am a certified ADHD Coach.

Life issues that arise can include, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, isolation, anger management, coping skills, career concerns, relationship issues, parenting, and effective communication skills.


My professional approach uses a combination of respect, kindness, trust, creativity, mindfulness, self awareness, and humor. I have worked with clients since 2004 in various aspects of cognitive and learning differences, and executive function deficits. Together, with my clients, we work through personal struggles and challenges.


Currently all session are virtual.

Clients must be living in Massachusetts,
New Hampshire or Maine.

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